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Concrete Structures

An unexpected impact on your subsea structure can be catastrophic.

Even if the collision is discovered immediately, it can take weeks, and large amounts of money to repair. Unseen damage can be even worse.

Our bespoke Concrete structures are designed to prevent these subsea impacts, and to keep your business running smoothly. A combination of patented designs and high-quality construction, give you reliability and peace of mind.

We can manufacture to your specification or if you prefer use our expertise and experience to advice you on the best design for your installation site.

Either way every structure is tailored to the specific conditions of the site ensuring that each installation is securely protected.

Our Impact Protection Covers are designed to resist the dynamic effects of striking objects by absorbtion and compliance. Designed to comply with the relevant BS EN concrete codes and DnV Rules, these are normally designed as gravity based structures which need no additional foundations, meaning they are easy to install.

Our pipeline supports protect your pipeline on their journey across the seabed.

We construct sleepers, bridges and rigid bearing units that support and safeguard.

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